Dog Training
Training that’s Enjoyable, Humane & Positive

Do you love your dog? If so, then give your dog the opportunity to enjoy the training process using humane and positive reinforcement based methods! Private training is for any dog at any age, whether an 8 week old puppy or an adult dog. Sessions are designed for dog parents seeking one-on-one training in the comfort of their own home. My training plans are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of you and your dog. All sessions provide hands-on learning and practice. All training is provided using humane and positive reinforcement based methods. I will NEVER use intimidation, force, fear or other harmful tactics on your beloved family pet.

I can help with:

  • Foundation Training Skills (focus, sit, down, come)
  • Impulse Control
  • Confidence Building for Shy, Fearful or Anxious Dogs
  • Housetraining
  • Leash Walking Skills
  • Go to place
  • Leave it/ Drop it
  • Being polite with guests and out in public
  • Socialization (Intro to new people, dogs, sounds, & new places)
  • And much more!

Need help with a behavior issue?

What is positive reinforcement training?



Length of Sessions: Private training sessions begin with an initial consultation, which lasts between an hour and a half and two hours. Follow-up sessions typically last one hour and can be purchased by the session or a package at a discounted rate.


Consultation: 90 min – 2 hours / $165

Follow-up Sessions: 1 hour / $135 (plus tax)

90 Minute Follow-up: $165 (plus tax)

6 Session Package: 1 hour / $750 ($125 per session) plus tax

10 Session Package: 1 hour / $1,200 ($120 per session) plus tax

Day Training Package (12 Sessions): This is an intensive training program offered multiple times a week. (Minimum of 3 sessions per week. Owners must be present during at least one session a week.) 1 hour / $1,380 ($115 per session) plus tax

Pricing may vary based upon mileage &/or severity of issues.

Add-On Services:


Walk & Train: This service is where I walk your dog and provide training at the same time. This is only available to current training clients.

6 Session Package: 1 hour / $450 ($75.00 per session) plus tax

6 Session Package: 90 min / $600 ($100 per session) plus tax


Remote Consultations (by computer or phone): Have a bunch of questions?

Current clients receive remote consultations at discounted rates.

Set-up a remote consultation!

30 min / $40 (plus tax)

45 min / $55 (plus tax)

1 hour / $75 (plus tax)

Training Session Videos

Education, Certifications, Memberships

CBATI Certified BAT Instructor

The Gold Coast Dog Inc. is insured and bonded through the Business Insurers of The Carolina’s, PetCare Affiliates Insurance program.