Dog Training

Professional Help via Live Video Chat or Phone Call


Remote Consultations are designed for dog owners seeking information, answers, and strategies toward their questions and concerns in a more cost-effective option. Remote consultations are offered by live video chat or by phone (It’s your choice).
Regardless of where you live (near or far), this is a great option if you are looking for a qualified trainer and behavior consultant. I am happy to work with those who are local to me or who are out of state.


Remote Consultations might be for those looking for:

  • Professional advice and information on general or specific topics related to their dog.
  • Address specific issues and concerns (training and/or behavior issues.)
  • Management strategies for puppies and behavior issues.
  • Pre-dog preparation (before purchasing or adopting a dog.)


Preparing for your remote consultation:

In preparation for your remote consultation you should do the following:

  • Write out any important questions you would like answers too.
  • Keep a journal of any concerns or important incidents that have taken place so that they can be discussed.
  • Capture video of the concerns/issues you would like help with (only if safe to do so!). You can email videos to me ahead of time.
  • Have a notebook and pen ready to take notes.



Session Options:

30 minute / $65 (plus tax)
45 minute / $85 (plus tax)
1 hour / $100 (plus tax)
2 hour initial consultation / $150 – 200 (plus tax)
(Pricing may vary depending on time and if a typed report needs to be generated).

Education, Certifications, Memberships

CBATI Certified BAT Instructor

The Gold Coast Dog Inc. is insured and bonded through the Business Insurers of The Carolina’s, PetCare Affiliates Insurance program.