Dog Training

Intro to Leave It

Sit/Maintain w/ treats as a distraction

"Stay" with some distance
& duration (Part 1)

Intro to Fetch

Impulse Control on
the Mat with Bo

"Stay" with some distance
& duration (Part 2)

Down/maintain w/ distraction

8 Week Old Puppy
Learning "Drop It"

It's Yer Choice

Go to your room
Part 2

Loose Leash Walking
(Mason- Day 1)

Go to your crate
with Tootsie

Shaping your dog
to touch a target

Learning to go
on the Treadmill

Practice Session
with Gerber

"Stay" With A
Visual Barrier

Learning to file nails
with a scratch board

Shaping a Retrieve (Teaching
to retrieve without words)

Taking Food Politely

Habituating puppy to
touching/wiping her feet

Results of Impulse
Control Work

Fear Free Low Stress Bath

Hand Targeting

Intro to off leash walking

Jetty Jumping into the Jeep

Jetty Learning to File
His Nails on Sand Paper

"Go to your mat"
with Mokie

Fear Free Ear Drops
(Work in Progress)

Conditioning a Puppy
to a Vacuum

Tank Learning to "Wait"
With Mom

"Get Behind" (Work in progress)

Targeting and acclimating to new items

Cooperative Nail Trims With A Dremel

CBATI Certified BAT Instructor

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